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void ECA_CONTROL_OBJECTS::set_chainsetup_position ( double  seconds  ) 

Sets the chainsetup position. Behaves differently depending on whether the selected chainsetup is connected or not.

require: is_selected() == true

Definition at line 594 of file eca-control-objects.cpp.

References connected_chainsetup(), ECA_CONTROL_BASE::is_engine_started(), ECA_CONTROL_BASE::is_selected(), ECA_AUDIO_POSITION::seek_position_in_seconds(), and selected_chainsetup().

Referenced by set_chainsetup_position_samples().

  // --------
  // --------

  // FIXME: check whether all audio devices support seeking, 
  //        raise an error if not (note: see other similar FIXMEs)

  if (connected_chainsetup() == selected_chainsetup() && is_engine_started() == true) {
    send_chain_commands_to_engine(ECA_ENGINE::ep_setpos, seconds);
  else {

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