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void ECA_CONTROL_OBJECTS::add_chain_operator ( CHAIN_OPERATOR cotmp  ) 

Adds a new chain operator. Pointer given as argument will remain to be usable, but notice that it is _NOT_ thread-safe to use assigned/registered objects from client programs. You must be sure that ecasound isn't using the same object as you are. The easiest way to assure this is to disconnect the chainsetup to which object is attached.

require: is_selected() == true connected_chainsetup() != selected_chainsetup() selected_chains().size() == 1 cotmp != 0

Definition at line 1792 of file eca-control-objects.cpp.

References ECA_CHAINSETUP::add_chain_operator(), cond_start_after_editing(), cond_stop_for_editing(), ECA_CONTROL_BASE::is_selected(), and selected_chains().

  // --------
  DBC_REQUIRE(is_selected() == true);
  DBC_REQUIRE(selected_chains().size() == 1);
  DBC_REQUIRE(cotmp != 0);
  // --------

  bool was_running = cond_stop_for_editing();



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