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bool ECA_CONTROL_OBJECTS::cond_stop_for_editing ( void   )  [private]

Stops the engine if necessary and locks it down for editing in case the engine is controlled by an external source.

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Definition at line 1723 of file eca-control-objects.cpp.

References ECA_ENGINE::command(), connected_chainsetup(), ECA_CONTROL_BASE::is_running(), selected_chainsetup(), and ECA_CONTROL_BASE::stop_on_condition().

Referenced by add_chain_operator(), remove_chain_operator(), remove_controller(), and select_controller().

  bool was_running = false;

  if (selected_chainsetup() == connected_chainsetup() && is_running() == true) {
    engine_repp->command(ECA_ENGINE::ep_edit_lock, 0.0);
    was_running = true;

  return was_running;

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