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ECA_CHAINSETUP Class Reference

#include <eca-chainsetup.h>

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Detailed Description

Class representing an ecasound chainsetup object.

Chainsetup is the central data object. It contains audio inputs, outputs, chains, operators and also information about how they are connected.

Notes: ECA_CHAINSETUP is closely coupled to the ECA_CHAINSETUP_PARSER and ECA_ENGINE. In addition, to ease implementation, also ECA_CONTROL classes have direct access to ECA_CHAINSETUP's implementation.

Kai Vehmanen

Definition at line 71 of file eca-chainsetup.h.

Public type definitions and constants

enum  Buffering_mode {
  cs_bmode_auto, cs_bmode_nonrt, cs_bmode_rt, cs_bmode_rtlowlatency,
typedef enum Buffering_mode Buffering_mode_t
enum  Mix_mode { cs_mmode_avg, cs_mmode_sum }
typedef enum Mix_mode Mix_mode_t
static const string default_audio_format_const = "s16_le,2,44100,i"
static const string default_bmode_nonrt_const = "1024,true,50,true,100000,true"
static const string default_bmode_rt_const = "1024,true,50,true,100000,true"
static const string default_bmode_rtlowlatency_const = "256,true,50,true,100000,false"

Functions for handling audio objects

void add_default_output (void)
void add_input (AUDIO_IO *aiod)
void add_output (AUDIO_IO *aiod, bool truncate)
void attach_input_to_selected_chains (const AUDIO_IO *obj)
void attach_output_to_selected_chains (const AUDIO_IO *obj)
vector< string > audio_input_names (void) const
vector< string > audio_output_names (void) const
bool is_realtime_target_output (int output_id) const
bool ok_audio_object (const AUDIO_IO *aobj) const
void remove_audio_input (const string &label)
void remove_audio_output (const string &label)
static void audio_object_info (const AUDIO_IO *aio)

Public Member Functions

Functions for chain operators

void add_chain_operator (CHAIN_OPERATOR *cotmp)
void add_controller (GENERIC_CONTROLLER *csrc)
void set_target_to_controller (void)
Functions for handling chains

void add_default_chain (void)
void add_new_chains (const vector< string > &newchains)
vector< string > chain_names (void) const
void clear_chains (void)
unsigned int first_selected_chain (void) const
vector< string > get_attached_chains_to_iodev (const string &filename) const
const CHAINget_chain_with_name (const string &name) const
void remove_chains (void)
void rename_chain (const string &name)
void select_all_chains (void)
void select_chains (const vector< string > &chainsarg)
const vector< string > & selected_chains (void) const
void toggle_chain_bypass (void)
void toggle_chain_muting (void)
Functions for handling MIDI-objects

void add_default_midi_device (void)
void add_midi_device (MIDI_IO *mididev)
void remove_midi_device (const string &name)
Functions for configuration (default values, settings)

Buffering_mode_t buffering_mode (void) const
const ECA_AUDIO_FORMATdefault_audio_format (void) const
const string & default_midi_device (void) const
bool ignore_xruns (void) const
bool is_valid_for_connection (bool verbose) const
Mix_mode_t mix_mode (void) const
bool multitrack_mode (void) const
long int multitrack_mode_offset (void) const
int output_openmode (void) const
bool precise_sample_rates (void) const
void set_audio_io_manager_option (const string &mgrname, const string &optionstr)
void set_buffering_mode (Buffering_mode_t value)
void set_default_audio_format (ECA_AUDIO_FORMAT &value)
void set_default_midi_device (const string &name)
void set_mix_mode (Mix_mode_t value)
void set_output_openmode (int value)
void toggle_ignore_xruns (bool v)
void toggle_precise_sample_rates (bool value)
Functions for overriding current buffering mode parameters

long int buffersize (void) const
long int double_buffer_size (void) const
bool double_buffering (void) const
int get_sched_priority (void) const
bool max_buffers (void) const
bool raised_priority (void) const
void set_buffersize (long int value)
void set_double_buffer_size (long int v)
void set_sched_priority (int value)
void toggle_double_buffering (bool value)
void toggle_max_buffers (bool v)
void toggle_raised_priority (bool value)
Functions that modify current state

void disable (void)
void enable (void) throw (ECA_ERROR&)
const string & filename (void) const
const string & name (void) const
void set_filename (const string &str)
void set_name (const string &str)
Functions for init and cleanup

 ECA_CHAINSETUP (const string &setup_file)
 ECA_CHAINSETUP (const vector< string > &options)
virtual ~ECA_CHAINSETUP (void)
Functions for observing current state

bool has_nonrealtime_objects (void) const
bool has_realtime_objects (void) const
bool is_enabled (void) const
bool is_locked (void) const
bool is_valid (void) const
string options_to_string (void) const
Functions for string->state conversions

void interpret_global_option (const string &arg)
void interpret_object_option (const string &arg)
void interpret_option (const string &arg)
void interpret_options (vector< string > &opts)
bool interpret_result (void) const
const string & interpret_result_verbose (void) const
Public getter/setter functions for max length information.
Note that this length information is different from that defined in ECA_AUDIO_POSITION. Max length can be set by the users of this class, and can be either shorter or longer than the actual length.

bool is_over_max_length (void) const
SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t max_length_in_samples (void) const
double max_length_in_seconds_exact (void) const
bool max_length_set (void) const
void set_max_length_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)
void set_max_length_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
Public functions for getting length information

SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t length_in_samples (void) const
int length_in_seconds (void) const
double length_in_seconds_exact (void) const
bool length_set (void) const
Public utility functions

bool out_position (void) const
Public functions for getting position information

SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t position_in_samples (void) const
int position_in_seconds (void) const
double position_in_seconds_exact (void) const
Public functions for getting audio format information

SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_rate_t samples_per_second (void) const
Functions for string<->state conversions

void save (void) throw (ECA_ERROR&)
void save_to_file (const string &filename) throw (ECA_ERROR&)
Public functions for setting position (with action)

void seek_first (void)
void seek_last (void)
void seek_position_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos_in_samples)
void seek_position_in_samples_advance (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos_in_samples)
void seek_position_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
Functions implemented from ECA_AUDIO_POSITION

virtual void seek_position (void)
Functions implemented from ECA_SAMPLERATE_AWARE

virtual void set_samples_per_second (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_rate_t v)

Protected Member Functions

Protected functions for setting position (without action)

void change_position_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)
void change_position_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
void set_position_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)
void set_position_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
void set_position_in_seconds (int pos_in_seconds)
Protected functions for setting length

void extend_position (void)
void set_length_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)
void set_length_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
void set_length_in_seconds (int pos_in_seconds)
Protected functions for controlling looping

bool looping_enabled (void) const
void toggle_looping (bool v)

Private Member Functions

Private helper functions

const ECA_CHAINSETUP_BUFPARAMS & active_buffering_parameters (void) const
void add_chain_helper (const string &name)
void calculate_processing_length (void)
void enable_audio_object_helper (AUDIO_IO *aobj) const
vector< string > get_attached_chains_to_input (AUDIO_IO *aiod) const
vector< string > get_attached_chains_to_output (AUDIO_IO *aiod) const
int number_of_attached_chains_to_input (AUDIO_IO *aiod) const
int number_of_attached_chains_to_output (AUDIO_IO *aiod) const
const ECA_CHAINSETUP_BUFPARAMS & override_buffering_parameters (void) const
Functions for handling audio objects

AUDIO_IOadd_audio_object_helper (AUDIO_IO *aio)
AUDIO_IO_MANAGERget_audio_object_manager (AUDIO_IO *aio) const
AUDIO_IO_MANAGERget_audio_object_type_manager (AUDIO_IO *aio) const
void propagate_audio_io_manager_options (void)
void register_audio_object_to_manager (AUDIO_IO *aio)
void register_engine_driver (AUDIO_IO_MANAGER *amgr)
void remove_audio_object_helper (AUDIO_IO *aio)
void unregister_audio_object_from_manager (AUDIO_IO *aio)
Functions for internal state changes

long int check_for_locked_buffersize (void) const
void enable_active_buffering_mode (void)
void lock_all_memory (void)
int number_of_chain_operators (void) const
int number_of_non_realtime_inputs (void) const
int number_of_non_realtime_outputs (void) const
int number_of_realtime_inputs (void) const
int number_of_realtime_outputs (void) const
void select_active_buffering_mode (void)
void set_defaults (void)
void switch_to_db_mode (void)
void switch_to_db_mode_helper (vector< AUDIO_IO * > *objs, const vector< AUDIO_IO * > &directobjs)
void switch_to_direct_mode (void)
void switch_to_direct_mode_helper (vector< AUDIO_IO * > *objs, const vector< AUDIO_IO * > &directobjs)
void toggle_locked_state (bool value)
void unlock_all_memory (void)
Functions for state<->string conversions

void load_from_file (const string &filename, vector< string > &opts) const throw (ECA_ERROR&)

Static Private Member Functions

Static private helper functions

static void check_object_samplerate (const AUDIO_IO *obj, SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_rate_t srate) throw (ECA_ERROR&)
static bool ok_audio_object_helper (const AUDIO_IO *aobj, const vector< AUDIO_IO * > &aobjs)
static string set_resource_helper (const ECA_RESOURCES &ecaresources, const string &tag, const string &alternative)

Private Attributes

Current setup data (internal state, objects)

Buffering_mode_t active_buffering_mode_rep
int active_chain_index_rep
int active_chainop_index_rep
int active_chainop_param_index_rep
map< string, string > aio_manager_option_map_rep
vector< AUDIO_IO_MANAGER * > aio_managers_rep
std::list< AUDIO_IO * > aobj_garbage_rep
Buffering_mode_t buffering_mode_rep
vector< CHAIN * > chains
int db_clients_rep
vector< double > input_start_pos
vector< AUDIO_IO * > inputs
vector< AUDIO_IO * > inputs_direct_rep
bool is_enabled_rep
bool is_locked_rep
map< int, LOOP_DEVICE * > loop_map
bool memory_locked_rep
vector< MIDI_IO * > midi_devices
bool midi_server_needed_rep
Mix_mode_t mix_mode_rep
long int multitrack_mode_offset_rep
bool multitrack_mode_override_rep
bool multitrack_mode_rep
vector< double > output_start_pos
vector< AUDIO_IO * > outputs
vector< AUDIO_IO * > outputs_direct_rep
vector< string > selected_chainids
string setup_filename_rep
string setup_name_rep
Configuration data (settings and values)

string default_midi_device_rep
long int double_buffer_size_rep
bool ignore_xruns_rep
ECA_CHAINSETUP_impl * impl_repp
int output_openmode_rep
bool precise_sample_rates_rep
bool rtcaps_rep



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