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AUDIO_IO_DB_CLIENT Class Reference

#include <audioio-db-client.h>

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Detailed Description

Client class for double-buffering providing additional layer of buffering for objects derived from AUDIO_IO.

The buffering subsystem has been optimized for reliable streaming performance. Because of this some operations like random seeks are considerably slower than with direct access.

Related design patterns:

Kai Vehmanen

Definition at line 27 of file audioio-db-client.h.

Public Types

typedef string parameter_t
Public type definitions and constants

enum  Io_mode { io_read = 1, io_write = 2, io_readwrite = 4 }
Public type definitions and constants

enum  Sample_coding { sc_signed, sc_unsigned, sc_float }
enum  Sample_endianess { se_native, se_big, se_little }
enum  Sample_format {
  sfmt_none, sfmt_u8, sfmt_s8, sfmt_s16,
  sfmt_s16_le, sfmt_s16_be, sfmt_s24, sfmt_s24_le,
  sfmt_s24_be, sfmt_s32, sfmt_s32_le, sfmt_s32_be,
  sfmt_f32, sfmt_f32_le, sfmt_f32_be, sfmt_f64,
  sfmt_f64_le, sfmt_f64_be

Public Member Functions

std::string get_parameter_name (int id) const
int number_of_params (void) const
Public functions for getting audio format information

ECA_AUDIO_FORMAT audio_format (void) const
int bits (void) const
long int bytes_per_second (void) const
SAMPLE_SPECS::channel_t channels (void) const
std::string format_string (void) const
int frame_size (void) const
bool interleaved_channels (void) const
Sample_coding sample_coding (void) const
Sample_endianess sample_endianess (void) const
Sample_format sample_format (void) const
int sample_size (void) const
Public functions

 AUDIO_IO_DB_CLIENT (AUDIO_IO_DB_SERVER *pserver, AUDIO_IO *aobject, bool transfer_ownership)
virtual ~AUDIO_IO_DB_CLIENT (void)
Reimplemented functions from AUDIO_IO

virtual long int buffersize (void) const
virtual bool finite_length_stream (void) const
virtual bool locked_audio_format (void) const
virtual void set_buffersize (long int samples)
virtual int supported_io_modes (void) const
virtual bool supports_nonblocking_mode (void) const
virtual bool supports_seeking (void) const
Reimplemented functions from DYNAMIC_OBJECT<string>

AUDIO_IO_DB_CLIENTclone (void) const
AUDIO_IO_DB_CLIENTnew_expr (void) const
Reimplemented functions from AUDIO_IO

virtual void close (void)
virtual bool finished (void) const
virtual void open (void) throw (AUDIO_IO::SETUP_ERROR&)
virtual void read_buffer (SAMPLE_BUFFER *sbuf)
virtual void write_buffer (SAMPLE_BUFFER *sbuf)
Public functions for handling object managers

virtual AUDIO_IO_MANAGERcreate_object_manager (void) const
Reimplemented functions from ECA_OBJECT

virtual std::string description (void) const
virtual std::string name (void) const
For setting and getting configuration parameters.

string format_info (void) const
int io_mode (void) const
const string & label (void) const
void set_io_mode (int mode)
void set_label (const string &id_label)
virtual void set_parameter (int param, string value)
void toggle_nonblocking_mode (bool value)
Reimplemented functions from DYNAMIC_PARAMETERS

virtual std::string get_parameter (int param) const
virtual std::string parameter_names (void) const
virtual void set_parameter (int param, std::string value)
Runtime information

bool is_open (void) const
ECA_AUDIO_TIME length (void) const
virtual bool nonblocking_mode (void) const
virtual int poll_descriptor (void) const
ECA_AUDIO_TIME position (void) const
virtual bool readable (void) const
virtual long int samples_available (void) const
virtual string status (void) const
virtual bool writable (void) const
Public functions for getting length information

SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t length_in_samples (void) const
int length_in_seconds (void) const
double length_in_seconds_exact (void) const
bool length_set (void) const
Public utility functions

bool out_position (void) const
Public functions for getting position information

SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t position_in_samples (void) const
int position_in_seconds (void) const
double position_in_seconds_exact (void) const
Functions overridden and reimplemented from
SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_rate_t samples_per_second (void) const
Public functions for setting position (with action)

void seek_first (void)
void seek_last (void)
void seek_position_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos_in_samples)
void seek_position_in_samples_advance (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos_in_samples)
void seek_position_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
Reimplemented functions from ECA_AUDIO_POSITION

virtual void seek_position (void)
Reimplemented functions from ECA_AUDIO_FORMAT

virtual void set_audio_format (const ECA_AUDIO_FORMAT &f_str)
virtual void set_channels (SAMPLE_SPECS::channel_t v)
virtual void set_sample_format (Sample_format v) throw (ECA_ERROR&)
virtual void toggle_interleaved_channels (bool v)
Public functions for setting audio format information

void set_sample_coding (Sample_coding v)
void set_sample_endianess (Sample_endianess v)
void set_sample_format_string (const std::string &f_str) throw (ECA_ERROR&)
Reimplemented functions from ECA_SAMPLERATE_AWARE

virtual void set_samples_per_second (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_rate_t v)

Protected Member Functions

AUDIO_IOchild (void) const
void post_child_open (void)
void pre_child_open (void)
void release_child_no_delete (void)
void set_child (AUDIO_IO *v)
Protected functions for setting position (without action)

void change_position_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)
void change_position_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
void set_position_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)
void set_position_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
void set_position_in_seconds (int pos_in_seconds)
Protected functions for setting length

void extend_position (void)
void set_length_in_samples (SAMPLE_SPECS::sample_pos_t pos)
void set_length_in_seconds (double pos_in_seconds)
void set_length_in_seconds (int pos_in_seconds)
Functions provided for subclasses.

void length (const ECA_AUDIO_TIME &v)
void position (const ECA_AUDIO_TIME &v)

Private Member Functions

void fetch_initial_child_data (void)

Private Attributes

bool finished_rep
bool free_child_rep
bool recursing_rep
int xruns_rep

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